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In Celebration Billy Lamont Takes Over WUSB.FM Radio Airwaves on Clam Radio and Eclectic Mess Shows For a Combined Airtime of Five Hours!

Billy Lamont will be having an In-Store Book Signing/Poetry Reading Event at Book Revue in Huntington, NY on Valentine's Day at 7pm to celebrate the power of LOVE and his new, major book release titled Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding. Lamont describes Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding as "Poetry that breaks down the fourth wall of performance, art, perception and culture." Lamont, a current resident of Huntington, has a longstanding relationship with Book Revue, a huge and top Independent Bookstore also located in Huntington, New York.


Billy Lamont is an American Poet with an avant-garde approach to writing, music, performance art, politics and film. At the heart of his poetry is the passion to inspire hope and to be a voice for everyday people. His unique vision for poetry into the 21st century, combined with a belief in the power of words for creation, reformation and healing brought his influence from grassroots to national success in the 1990s and then international recognition in the new millennium. His work encourages dignity, upholds life and serves as a catalyst for a world of readers and listeners, both in the mainstream and on society's fringes. He inspires many to live in a more loving way and to feel for different justice causes for the first time, to help with personal and social reform in this Global Age


"I’m excited to share my love and passion for poetry with some of my new performance poems, to celebrate different forms of LOVE, and also discuss lack of love, on Valentine’s Day! My relationship with Book Revue, and friendship with the owner Mr. Klein, goes back to the late 1980's when they were a small bookstore and he was kind enough to carry my first chapbook Eulogy: Flowers For The Living. In 1994 when I had a major book released The Gallery Of Light, and was making National Television appearances, I was joyful to learn that Mr. Klein was following my career. I would visit Book Revue regularly and enjoyed how huge it had become attracting major Authors, like Anne Rice and Patti Smith, for Book Signing Events, but yet kept the Independent Bookstore mentality, artistic integrity and vibration. So when my next book strobe light generation was released in 2005, Book Revue came to mind as a first choice for a Book Signing Event, and we had a successful business partnership once again. Today, now that I have grown to become a Global Poet, with my new book Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding's distribution reach being national in the U.S. for Barnes And Noble and good Independent Bookstores everywhere, but also being distributed internationally including Amazon, in countries like India, Japan, Mexico, UK, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and Canada, naturally the Book Revue and my roots organically came to mind, for my first In-Store Book Signing Event for this book!" Lamont said.


Poet Billy Lamont has performed on MTV and Much Music Television and appeared on radio stations across the United States. Lamont has also performed at many rock festivals including touring with Lollapalooza '94, '95, 2003 and Cornerstone Festival 2004 and 2006. Due to the success of his first book of poems The Gallery Of Light, distributed by Ingram, Lamont has given book signings at book stores such as Barnes and Noble in shopping malls across the United States. The follow up, strobe light generation fueled Lamont's passionate and thought provoking multi-media shows that combine his performance poetry with electronic music and synchronized film. His latest poetry with Electronic/Americana Pop Music CD/digital download is entitled Beyond Babylon.


Lamont’s third major volume of poetry Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding, distributed by Ingram, is a powerful successor to his earlier books and eight audio releases like billy lamont with the peculiar people and Beyond Babylon. Lamont's entire CD/digital download catalog is distributed by The Orchard internationally.


In celebration of Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding being released on December 7, 2017, Billy Lamont took over the airwaves at WUSB 90.1 FM Radio at Stony Brook University, NY on two occasions. He appeared on Clam Radio with Host John Tabacco and Eclectic Mess with Host Kevin Kovarik for a combined airtime of five hours.


"It was live radio, also streaming on the worldwide web at wusb.fm, at its absolute best! A real pleasure to be on these awesome programs with these incredible Hosts! All kinds of people are responding to the hope and inclusive dignity within my new book of poetry. It is refreshing and an excellent alternative for people to have passionate, soulful and positive words burning from the pages of my new book, and within my music, in this fast paced and often robotic technological age," Lamont said.


Lamont's 1998 debut CD Into the 21st Century was a benefit for Teen Challenge, with performances by two of his greatest influences, the legendary Allen Ginsberg and the brilliant Songwriter/Recording Artist Mike Peters of The Alarm on the title track. In his later years, Ginsberg expressed love and support for Lamont's poetry with permission to use an audio sample from his first recital of the Beat Generation epic poem Howl.


In 2014 Lamont collaborated again with Mike Peters, as well as many other rock stars and inclusive of everyday artists, on the recording The Scriptures to help foster peace between Muslims, Christians and Jews in The Holy Land. The Scriptures is a benefit for Love Hope Strength Foundation and those fighting cancer. Lamont’s contribution to The Scriptures earned him a Guinness World Record as part of 'The World's Longest Officially Released Song.’


Lamont’s career was also promoted by Larry Norman, widely known as the Father of Christian Rock. The music legend invited Lamont to open several of his shows from 1998- 2000 and to become an artist on Norman’s own Solid Rock Records. The result was an album of compositions written for release on Solid Rock, with preliminary sessions produced by Norman in 2000. However, Norman's failing health made further sessions impossible. The album was never completed and the session tapes went missing from Norman's archives. Lamont returned the favor of support by raising awareness and funding for Norman’s emergency healthcare with the CD/download billy lamont with the peculiar people.


During the creation of Lamont's strobe light generation book of poetry he was also being encouraged by legendary Poet/Peace Activist, Jesuit Priest, the late Daniel Berrigan, as well as being kindly affirmed by the brilliant Peter Garrett, the front man of Midnight Oil, and the former Australian Federal Minister of Environmental Protection, Heritage, Arts and Education.


All of these experiences and influences are a huge part of Lamont’s vision for the future! In his recent poetry he encourages brothers and sisters globally, as well as locally to, “Imagine A Day, we need an intelligent heart, a loving mind, LOVE, intelligence of the heart will light your mind!”


“Community, as opposed to alienation, is so important in these tumultuous times that are also ripe with potential. I plan on using my voice to bring hope and love to people with all my strength by God’s grace!,” Lamont concluded.


Lamont's three major book releases and eight CDs/digital downloads are available through most major distributors such as amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and iTunes.com and can be streamed and listened to on spotify.com, iTunes.apple.com, googleplay.com, youtube.com, tidal.com and many other popular sites.


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