Honorable Mentions

What people are saying about Billy Lamont's recently released book of poetry "strobe light generation"

Peter Garrett Cover Blurb for Book
"Billy Lamont’s pithy, ‘now’ poetry is true, from his heart to ours- a straight line and a truth that’s good to read. I wish there was more like it."

Peter Garrett was the front man from the rock band Midnight Oil and is Australia's Federal Member for Kingsford Smith, Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts.

Daniel Berrigan Cover blurb for Book
"Thank you for the delightful book. You (Billy Lamont) are a rare bird indeed, and a dazzling one, bringing together as you do unassailable gifts and a phoenix (out of the culture’s ashes) faith. I congratulate and thank you. Blessings on your fine work!"

Daniel Berrigan is a Jesuit Priest, legendary poet/activist and speaker on social justice issues.

Seydina A. Senghor Cover Blurb for Book
"I've been an eyewitness of Billy Lamont's warm-hearted dedication to durable peace in the world, international morality, global solidarity and global justice. I have seen Billy Lamont take serious risks to support many good causes including the Jubilee 2000 International Campaign, a global alliance for the end of the unjust, immoral and genocidal debt of the nations of the global South. At the Knitting Factory in 1999, in New York, Billy put together a show with Larry Norman and himself for the benefit of Jubilee USA's first National Mobilization on Washington. Billy Lamont is a true activist. Whether he is protesting, serving or encouraging, his poetry and deeds are songs of hope, a catalyst for change that reveal a grassroots heart of caring and love for people from the streets of New York to the poor and impoverished of the world."

Seydina A. Senghor is a Co-Founder of the Jubilee 2000 USA/International Movement.

Larry Norman Cover Blurb for Book
"Young William the poet walks with grace among the literary traditions of romanticism, between yearning idealism and stark urban reality. He brings Heaven closer to Earth, and beckons men closer to self revelation. His poetry is both comforting and disturbing."

Larry Norman is the Father of Christian Rock. He is a singer/songwriter that was on Capitol Records with The Beatles, Founder of The Vineyard Church and Jew For Jesus, Gospel Hall of Fame Inductee. He was dubbed the most important songwriter since Paul Simon in Billboard Magazine and the top solo artist in his field by Time Magazine.

What people have said about Billy Lamont's very successful previous book of poems "The Gallery Of Light" from 1994

Mike Peters Foreward for Book
"There's no truth like the truth you dare to let yourself see. Billy's poetry lets you see the truth of himself and the truth that surrounds him which is also the truth that surrounds you. Take a look and you will find love, hate, all life in it."

Mike Peters is a singer/songwriter and frontman for the rock band The Alarm.

Dave Kendall Cover Blurb for Book
"Billy Lamont is in possession of a strange and compelling vision."

Dave Kendall is the Host of MTV's "120 Minutes" show.

Malibu Sue Cover Blurb for Book
"Billy's poetry is... inspirational."

Malibu Sue is DJ for the legendary New York alternative music radio station WLIR and WDRE.

Joe Franklin Cover Blurb for Book
"In the tradition of Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Jim Carroll comes Billy Lamont... and I love it!"

Joe Franklin is the Host of New York WOR-TV's nationally syndicated Joe Franklin Show.

Bob Buchmann Cover Blurb for Book
"As Billy writes, 'Poetry is therapy!' I thank him for his gift."

Bob Buchmann is the Vice President/DJ for the New York classic rock radio station WBAB.

Klayton Cover Blurb for Book
"Billy's poetry is intriguing. He is experimental, philosophical and spiritual. His message of hope cannot be ignored."

Klayton is a recording artist with the innovative electronic band Circle Of Dust and Celldweller.