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Poet Billy Lamont's latest avant-garde performance poetry with electronic and americana pop music CD/digital release entitled BEYOND BABYLON became available for sale internationally beginning on October 3, 2013.

*Most major international retailers, such as iTunes and Amazon have picked up Poet Billy Lamont's new CD/digital release BEYOND BEYOND BABYLON, October 9, 2013. Here are the links:



Poet Billy Lamont's music and books are available through, and You can purchase them through the following links and also in THE OTHER PERSPECTIVE MEDIA STORE.

Lamont's spoken word CD's "outlaw of love" 2010 and "renegade of hope" 2009, as well as poetry with music CD's "into the 21st century" 1998 and "the peculiar people" 2004 are available as digital downloads through at the following link:

Poet Billy Lamont's books of poetry entitled "strobe light generation" 2005 and "the gallery of light" 1994 are  availalbe through and Barnes And Noble at the following links:, and

Lamont's "into the 21st century" CD 1999 is available through

Lamont's "painkiller" CD 2006 is available through CD baby as a CD or digital download:

The following Poet Billy Lamont poetry with music CD's and books of poetry are available through this THE OTHER PERSPECTIVE MEDIA store. Just mail a personal check payable to The Other Perspective Media for price of items purchased plus shipping cost of $2 U.S. or $5 internationally to: the other perspecitve media, P. O. Box 37, Babylon, NY 11702:

1. "Eulogy: Flowers For The Living" 1990 chapbook of poems. $4 (SOLD OUT)

2. "The Gallery Of Light"- 1994 book of poems. $10

3. "strobe light generation"- 2005 book of poems- $19.95

4. "Walk On Water"- A 1988 three song cassette tape by  Billy Lamont's first Indie Alternative Rock Band Walk On Water. $4 (SOLD OUT)

5. "Eulogy:Flowers For The Living" 1995- A cassette tape with poem song recordings produced from 1989-1991 and 1995 but not gathered and made available until 1995.- $5 (SOLD OUT)

6. "into the 21st century"- 1998 poetry with music CD. A Benefit for Teen Challenge- $10

7. "billy lamont with the peculiar people"-  2004 handmade poetry chapbook with music CD- $7 (SOLD OUT)

8. "painkiller"- 2006 poetry with music CD- $10

9. "hedge of thorns" 2008 poetry with music CD- $7 (SOLD OUT)

10. "the gallery of light" 2009 poetry with music CD- Not For Sale, *Only available as a gift.

11. "renegade of hope" 2009 spoken word CD- $7

12. "outlaw of love" 2010 spoken word CD- $7

13. "billy lamont with the peculiar people"- May 2011 professional quality CD re-release of 2004 poetry with music CD- $7

14. "Beyond Babylon"- 2013 poetry with music CD- $10

15. "Who Will Be My Witness?  hedge of thorns" Special Passover, Resurrection Day and Blood Moon 2015 Re-release of 2008 poetry with music CD- $7